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Welcome to Kenmore Park Anangu School

“At Kenmore Park Anangu School we create confident, freethinking, problem solvers with strong connections to our community and land. Our students are globally aware, yet locally grounded. They graduate with the skills to successfully move freely between Piranpa and Anangu worlds”.

“Kenmore Park Anangu Schoolangka nganana palyalpai kunpungku, kulintja wiru, nintingku kulilpai kulintja kunpu ngura nganampa nganampa tjiti tjuta ninti worldpaku, palu ngurangka nyinapai. Tjana wiyaringkula ninti ngaranyi piranpaku/munu ananguku tjurkupa wangkaku”.

The School

Kenmore Park Anangu School is located in Yunyarinyi, within the APY Lands (Anangu, Pitjantjatjara, Yankuntjatjara) in the far North of South Australia. It is approximately 1400km North of Adelaide. The school was first opened in 1983 and is located on a working cattle station. Pastoral activities continue to be undertaken in Kenmore Park.

The school caters for students from Birth to Year 12 and boasts low levels of student absenteeism and a strong community presence. The school follows the DECD and PYEC Curriculum directive focusing on Numeracy, Literacy, Science and Anangu Domain. Teachers use Big Six of reading in Literacy and Natural Maths Numeracy pedagogy. There is also strong focus on assessment and tracking and monitoring of student learning. All classes use interactive white boards and other mediums to capture and develop children’s interest.

The school has access to a local orchard which is highly valued by the community as a source of fresh fruit. The orchard is used for various school activities from cooking to business studies and is often accessed to provide the students with recess.

Working at Kenmore Park Anangu School

Working at Kenmore Park is as challenging as it is rewarding. Its remote location can be isolating but provides a unique opportunity. Living and working in this naturally beautiful part of South Australia offers a chance to see a part of the world that most never will. The community has strong ties to culture, providing the unique opportunity to be immersed in Anangu life. Working at Kenmore Park provides the opportunity to be part of a strong team who are making a difference to the lives of indigenous people.

Staff at Kenmore Park comprises of both contract and permanent teachers who work closely with an Anangu Coordinators and Anangu Education Workers. They are supported by a Principal and multidisciplinary support staff from the Department of Education and Child Development.

A supportive environment for teachers and new graduates exists with strong Performance and Development practices, and regular professional learning opportunities. There is a quality induction program for all new staff members which includes an introduction to Anangu Culture and language as well as 4WD training.

Contact Us

Principal: Mr Wilbur Klein

Phone: (08) 8956 2990


Street Address: Kenmore Park SA 0872

Postal Address: PMB 258 Kenmore Park SA 0872

Partnership: Anangu Lands

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Feedback and complaints

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